Launching my career

This blog and my first book highlight my first real serious attempt at making a career out of writing.

I’ve been writing for years now, and it’s time to really get serious about it. I’ve let too many good ideas and years go by when I could have actually done something to obtain the life and career I wanted.

No longer. It’s time to prove to myself that I can do this. It’s not going to be easy, but life is never easy. What I want is not just going to fall into my lap. I have to work for it.


My inspiration

My inspiration in creating Kaylie Steele comes from the works of Mercedes Lackey. And it’s no coincidence that she is modeled after the character Di Tregarde.

I loved Children of the Night and Jinx High. Read them when I decided I was too well read to read young adult books at the time.

Being a weird wannabe goth I was drawn to Children of the Night due to the themes of vampires, traditional and psychic. I devoured the book and went seeking out another one of Di’s investigations. I was so disappointed there were only three books featuring her at the time.

Now I’ll bust out my old books and read them to get inspired. I think I’ll do that now.

Postaday challenge accepted!

The Mystical Perspective is available now!

Battling demon spawn, stopping family curses, and consulting with wise gods?

Just another day at the office for paranormal detective Kaylie Steele.

No stranger to chaotic and dangerous situations, Kaylie uses her talents to protect the innocent, worldly and otherworldly. But are these phenomena a symptom of something more connected and sinister?